Cherishing the now.

Always having to remind myself to take a moment, out of each day, to take a breather, and not to sweat the small stuff. Every day you are alive, is a gift given, that not many think of as anything other than another 24 hours on earth. But within a moment, your last breath could be your last, and then you’re really just f*cked. 

No matter how stressful life can get, how clumped my head thoughts fill up, my immediate surroundings buzz louder than I can grasp; I consciously have to remind myself to breath, to take in the now, as long as possible, and slowly but surely exhale a long sigh of release. In that moment, signifying that everything will be ok, and everything is just as it is, and will be. And there’s not anything we can do to change the past, because the inevitable will happen, and you can’t change what will happen, what is happening, which is the now; you follow? Good. Clarity is key. At which I intend to keep my mind, locked in a state of pure bliss. Don’t doubt yourself if you’re feeling weary or lost or struggling, each day is a new, to start fresh, to breath heavily and clearly.